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From the first floor tom punch of ‘Holdin’ On’ by Mike Milligan and The Altar Boyz, the CD delivers powerful vocals, precision guitar, traveling fast harmonica and rock steady bass and drums. ‘She’s My Woman’ lights the fire for the new listener and gets the torch burning with this second effort by MMETEX Productions for Doc Blues Records. The most commercially viable song is track two entitled ‘She’s Dangerous’ with a gut bucket solid Rockin’ Blues groove that is the Altar Boyz own. A complete song that tells the sexy story of a manipulative, bountiful queen that knows how to strut her stuff at the mercy of the men who follow her around the room. ‘Holdin’ On’, the title track, could be written about any great unheralded musician who has dealt with the complex ups and downs of the music industry and all it entails. The melodic bass lines help to process the song along with a balance of well recorded rim shots, killer harp solo with tight guitar, and outstanding vocal prowess. The next song entitled ‘Wash Over Me’ is one that could come right from that great era of melodic songs of the Stax or Motown record eras. This signature song by Mike Milligan and Scott Unzicker shows the total understanding of their awareness for great lyrics and melody. A pleasing number for anyone to hear or feel, and is the jewel of this new Mike Milligan and The Altar Boyz record. ‘Let’s Get Naked and Run Buck Wild’ is the only reverse rumba beat on the CD and takes the edge off. The song is a fun romp through the woods of Colorado with that waitress you’ve always wanted to dance naked with in the moonlight to a wild saxophone. For all you dancers, the next song called ‘No pain, No Gain’, could get you up with that two-four beat that country songs blast out these days. A fun groove done here, even if the topic is one of strife, glory, or perhaps unrequited love. ‘You Don’t Know Me’ has an inescapable ‘Up From The Skies’ Hendrix feel about it or perhaps even Denny Freeman’s ‘Tired Of TV’, however, this song has its own identity, that is a departure from the rest of the CD. The intense grooving guitar and bass line help tell this story of a relationship that has reached that period of much needed validation, questioning of the lovers real understanding of one another. The following number called ‘Permanent Insanity’ seems to follow the last one in sequence, perhaps reaching a conclusion from the previous tune. A solid driving beat, melody, and vocals make it clear that love sometimes can be a mistake and can cause damage. ‘Always’, is the most forgiving and relaxing number filled with good images of loving temperament. It is a lovely ballad with outstanding vocals by Mike Milligan and solos to match. The next effort called ‘Cat Can’t Make a Sound’ is a catchy satirist song of truth or consequence, and is the best shuffle mix on the CD, and is filled with fun. ‘I’m Gonna Love You Baby’ can be described as two lovers driving along the lakeside in their car on a starry evening. The singer tells the story of how the night will end with great love and happiness. Excellent solos here by Milligan and Unzicker with another locked in rhythm section. Finally, rounding out the CD is the song entitled ‘Maggies’. Like your favorite juke joint the song entices the listener and the venue to party and concludes ‘Holdin’ On’ with that message: ‘Let’s Party with Mike Milligan and The Altar Boyz newest CD ‘Holdin’ On’.

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Mike Milligan: (Vocals/Percussion/Harp)

A singer since the age of five, Michael is a product of Louisiana roots and a Texas upbringing. Equipped with strong vocals and a mastery of the harp, Michael has developed an ever growing fan base in and around Austin, Texas where he lives when not “on tour”.

Scott Unzicker: (Lead Singer)

Scotty grew up in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex listening to the musical stylings of Anson Funderburgh, Hash Brown, Robert Ealiey, and the Vaughn Brothers. A popular staple in the Austin blues scene, he plays a mean guitar with an uncommon restraint which is usually seen only by artists twice his age! His abilities are impressive and one of the major reasons why the Altar Boyz are gaining popularity.

Leland Parks: (Bass)

Leland migrated to the rich musical surroundings of Austin Texas in 1978 where he has performed with many outstanding musicians such as The Cobras and Miss Lavelle White. Solid in his abilities, and well respected by musicians Worldwide, Leland lays down his half of the “solid as a rock” rhythm section.

Dave Novak: (Drums)

Dave, the other half of the “solid as a rock” rhythm section, is the hammer that drives the large, steady, and true sound of the band.