Three Things That Could Stop You from Qualifying For Florida Boat Insurance

Florida has always been home to those who love the water. From fisherman to swimmers to marine wildlife enthusiasts, these vast waters and sandy beaches have ensnared them all. But, perhaps none are more drawn to the waters of Florida than the boater. However, when buying a boat for the first time, figuring out how to get sea-worthy (in a legal sense) can be stressful. Especially if you are denied Florida boat insurance.

Boat coverage, acts to protect your vehicle (in this case the boat) from unexpected and crippling damage. In truth, the only difference between boat insurance and basic auto coverage is that, due to the more expensive nature of boating, the coverage is likely to be a fair amount higher. This insurance is intended to cover more significant damages as opposed to scratches and dented fenders. Boat insurance is required by law in nearly every state.

So what can cause a Florida boat insurance application at to be denied? Here are five common reasons that can cause your insurance application to bounce back.

No. 1: The Condition of your Boat

The condition of the vessel itself is one of the most common reasons for a Florida boat insurance policy to be denied. If your boat is considered to be dangerous or is in a reduced state it could prove to be nearly impossible to insure. The best way to prevent this is to simply perform any and all required maintenances and repairs. Just by ensuring your boat is in the best possible condition could go a long way in getting it approved for insurance.

No. 2: Past driving and boating violations

Countless boaters are startled to find out that boating violations are no less important and severe as any other vehicular violations. Irresponsible performance while boating could result in tickets than could possibly make it tough to qualify for boat insurance. The most severe of these violations being a BUI (being arrested or ticketed for boating under the influence of alcohol or other impairing effects).

Even more, tickets and violations in other motor vehicles could also lessen your chances at receiving FL boat insurance. Risky behavior on the road could make a company fear you are a risk on the water as well. Keeping a clean driving record could certainly help you get approved for boat insurance.

No. 3: Type of Boat

The size and type of the boat you are trying to insure will also be factored in when an agent reviews your application. Is the boat type generally safe or does it have dangerous tendencies. Most large companies will enforce size regulations on which vessels they will insure and which they will not. However, some companies have specialized in insuring larger boats and even yachts.

Another type of boat that may prove difficult to insure are high performance speed boats according to The boats are more likely to encourage unsafe behavior and thus will be more likely to be denied insurance or be placed at a higher premium.